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For the last 13 years, East Coast EFX has been creating luminous web presences that elegantly and effectively build our clients’ brand and business, not only with next-level, intuitive design, but also with results. When all is said and done the only thing that matters is greater revenue and happier customers. With offices on both coasts of the United States, and a roster of over 500 satisfied clients that includes Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, MGM and Starbucks, we are a recognized leader in web design, usability and architecture.

Our success emerges from time-tested fundamentals refined through many years of experience. The EFX Process utilizes rock-solid usability principles that have withstood the sands of time, to create a product which even the most unsavvy user can navigate with ease. We know how important communication is and, before anything else, listen carefully. We are methodical, using proven processes for taking a website from raw concept to launch. We are reliable, delivering without fail on schedule and budget. We hire only the best: our team is unmatched for its talent. We are pioneering.

Our commitment to exceeding client expectations produces websites and development platforms that are a memorable blend of aesthetics and top-notch, usability-tested performance. They are attractive, user-friendly and are built upon a scalable foundation, so that at the end of the day you have what matters most, more revenue. Our clients are so happy with our work that they send us more business. There is no better testimonial than this: More than 90% of our revenue is referral business.

What we do

Read a little bit about what we do below. If you are interested in learning more about any of our services, please contact us!


At EFX, we pride ourselves in creating not only stunning, but functional websites for our clients. We have always stood by the fact that form and function can work hand in hand.  Over the years, we have seen the “do it yourself” website builders, we have felt the pain of our clients that have taken the overseas approach, and we have even had to help those that tried to learn programming in a weekend. At the end of the day, people trust us to deliver them exactly what they want. We have created websites for a huge variety of clients ranging from top 40 artists, fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, casinos, nightclubs, eSport organizations, and many local businesses. We can create anything. Let us know your needs and we will work with you to bring your dream website to reality.

Print Design

One of the things we pride ourselves in is taking a persons idea and bringing it to life on paper. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we think so, too. We want your posters, business cards, album artwork, brochures, and everything else in between to captivate a person the minute they lay eyes on your product.  In this day and age, many things are heading towards web based solutions. It is always a refreshing experience to work on materials that will be physically handled by people.

Apparel Design

One of the most satisfying things that be done with art creating a design that people can wear. We have been trusted for over 13 years to design apparel for some of the biggest names in both the music and gaming industries. Our designs can be seen for sale on clothing in your local malls all the way to sold out concert venues like Madison Square Garden. We have recently been working with some eSport organizations as well and now design hats and jerseys. If you would like to see some examples, please head over to our portfolio and take a look!


A process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the clients mind, mainly through design with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and unique presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. One of our fortes is providing a visual identity to both new and old businesses and individuals. There is a great deal of satisfaction knowing that someone will be identifying themselves with a logo or style that we have created for them.

Search Engine Optimization

So what does SEO actually mean. In a nutshell it means getting your website showing on the top of a browsers search results. Forget about being at the top of page two or page three. Page one is where you need to be to placed to really be beneficial. Let’s be realistic though, no one can or should guarantee you a page one ranking. As a matter of fact, no one should be guaranteeing you anything with an SEO service. At EFX, we use methods that have proven to be highly beneficial to our clients. We do not use methods that are against any “rules of the internet” nor do we promise you a page one listing after a month of work. However, what we can prove is the satisfaction our clients have had in the past with the rankings we have obtained for them. We are always more than happy to have a chat with you about your website’s SEO and will always provide an honest opinion with your best interest in mind.

The EFX Process

Getting to know each other

First, we get acquainted. We learn about you and your plans, you find out about us, and we decide whether or not to proceed. Once a contract has been agreed upon and signed, we move from discovery to definition. This begins a close relationship with you to develop a detailed working plan that’s been carefully tailored to make the most of your organization’s assets and potential. Then comes a competitive analysis where we meticulously analyze your competition, followed by any adjustments to the plan deemed necessary to finalize this opening process.

Bringing your project to life

Designers have been arguing forever about form versus function. We take a third position: form AND function. The result: websites that are as attractive as they are user-friendly. We feel our philosophy is by far the best way to build our customers’ brand because we not only create an absolutely stunning, visually attractive product, but we also put a tremendous amount of thought and planning into usability. Our ultimate goal is to make the user not have to ‘think’ about how to find your information. Users very much appreciate this, even if they aren’t aware of it, and will keep them coming back to you as a loyal customer.

Bring on the coffee

A great concept is a fine thing — and it’s also nothing if it doesn’t work properly in the marketplace. We optimize the journey from great concept to great product by rigorously testing to the core, re-testing and testing again to make sure your product is in flawless condition, scalable for a high volume of traffic and users, with every nook and cranny accounted for to ensure that your customers have an award winning experience when they interact with your website.

Releasing your vision

Once the website has been unveiled, we’ll happily share champagne with you — but then we won’t disappear. If you’d like, we’ll be there to help you fine-tune additions to the website, and implement expansions or upgrades, in short to be your ongoing creative support team. Once a partner, always a partner: we will help you to succeed.

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